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Utica Pike, Agra, Uttar Pradesh,

My decision to return to school and earn my Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) degree stems from my determination that I have specific needs that can best be met within the confines of a graduate criminal justice curriculum. I seek more criminal justice system theory capstone project help, criminal justice system management, and exposure to research practices and evaluation outcomes in order to advance my career as a senior manager in state government.

In my present job, I serve as the Programs Administrator. I am looked upon to develop and maintain internal controls of grant programs, maintain working relationships with grantors and collaborative partners, research, development and implement grant funded programs. While in this position, I have become known for working with communities to build their capacity to serve juveniles who return home from long-term institutions or are on probation in community. I have had the pleasure of working with staff at the Institute of Family & Neighborhood Life at Clemson University to discuss developing a capacity building training workshop. I have had the pleasure of working with staff at Johns Hopkins University on the steps necessary for our agency to pilot the best practice Intensive Aftercare Program in several counties in the state.

Now my needs are to learn the criminal justice system from the street level through the court system. My professional past has one common denominator, analytical skills. Ironically, it is this skill that has led me to the criminal justice field. As an auditor, my career always advanced to working on cases of people suspected of wrongdoing. I have had the opportunity to work with the State Law Enforcement Division, Statewide Grand Jury while employed at the South Carolina Department of Transportation, and with the U.S. Department of Justice, Inspector Generals Office on several cases while employed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina.

My view of the criminal justice system can be defined as paradigm breaking. I have a particular interest in reintegration, and the creation of a databased service funding. I am determined to accomplish the creation of a funding formula that can be used as a model for government entities in the near future. The objective of this formula will be to place emphasis on funding reintegration initiatives. Because we all know, the initiatives that fall within the reintegration continuum provide for safe and secure communities.

I currently serve in the United States Army Reserves where I have taken steps to become a Master of Arms. This will allow me to work in the military’s criminal justice field. Career options in this field specialize in the areas of policing, prison management, and security.

Long-term, I have aspirations to start my own non-profit organization where I will specialize in programs designed to promote self-sufficiency. Within the next 36 months, I will start my own consulting company. I plan to work with law enforcement agencies and service organizations to advise them on effective interventions that will enable juveniles to become more responsive and productive citizens. But for now, step one is completing this Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) degree program. It is the gateway to my professional success.

I am aware that most of the candidates for this program are younger and less experienced. I have enviable job experience and know what I want to accomplish in life. Do not let my subpar test score eliminate me from contention. I can compete! Simply let my documented professional past guide you as you access my abilities. If accepted, I will carry the banner of the College of Liberal Arts, College of Criminology and Criminal Justice with pride.

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